If I leave something on the floor, and you trip on it, that’s your own damn fault. You need to watch where you’re walking.

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Favorite food and why? Chinese food because it’s good XD

Favorite band/artist and why? Bring me the horizon because it’s really personal and relatable to me.

Best vacation you’ve ever been on? The lake with my best friend. I felt so relaxed and least depressed id ever felt in a while.

Most used swear word? Fuck

Longest you’ve ever held your breath? Shit I don’t even know XD

If you were stranded in a dessert, who would you want there to help you find your way to the closest town/city and why? My boyfriend because were a team and we got each other’s backs.

One sport you wished you were better at? Probably basketball

The most awkward sexual experience you’ve had, and what happened? You know.. I haven’t really ever had an awkward sexual experience..

If you’ve dyed your hair, what colors, if not what colors would you want to dye your hair? My hair is currently blue and purple XD

If you had only 1 day left to live what would you do in that day? Probably try to spend time with my family, and get laid as much as possible.

Last song you listened to? Under the knife by rise against.